"2016, without a shadow of a doubt, has been one of the grimmest years in recent memory for the UK club scene. Dance Tunnel closing, the Studio 338 fire and fabric losing its license have made us all feel that our culture is under threat. In a broader sense, there's been a shift towards cookie-cutter festivals and clubs that have no shame in bleeding partygoers dry. The good guys seem to be being crushed by the reality of British licensing, while parties run by teams of venture capitalists go from strength-to-strength. This is why festivals like Field Manuevers feel important. The whole weekend you're overcome by just how much love the team puts into what for them is their dream party. I came away from it full of hope that no matter how much sand you pour on it, the plucky British rave spirit will never be extinguished." - Resident Advisor

"This kind of festival keeps gaining traction as dancers want to feel more connected, rather than being a dot in a sea of people. Mega-parties have their place, but the likes of Gottwood, Freerotation and Field Maneuvers have tapped into a need for a sense of community. Field Maneuvers breeds a relaxed familiarity that makes it easy to have a great time. By Monday morning, while sitting around the dying fire it felt like all of the 600 or so in attendance had partied together. It seemed like almost everyone at Field Maneuvers this year had been previously and, in the warm glow of the aftermath, I was already planning my own return." - Crack

"Field Maneuvers was a really special little event and one I'm recommending to all my friends (that means you, you are my only friends in this world). It really did feel at times like a hark back to my teenage illegal raving days in forests, fields and car parks, complete with old school ravers, old school tunes and an intimate and special atmosphere you just can't seem to get at the more highly polished raves and festivals going on these days. Obviously it didn't exactly replicate those kinds of events, because it was far more well run and safer, but if you do want to get a little glimpse into the days when all you've got for a party is some mates, a field and some vinyl to spin, you could do no better in England (legally) than go to Field Maneuvers." - Ransom Note

"One of the obvious things about Field Maneuvers is that those behind the festival have a discerning taste, without taking things too seriously. If you don’t fancy Al Dobson Jr. spinning spaced-out cosmic dub on the main stage, Hectick is dropping '90s dance anthems to a rain-soaked crowd on the Sputnik stage just a short walk away … Feeling more akin to an old school rave than a modern day festival, there’s an abundance of flawless sets across the weekend." - Mixmag